Digital FCU implements IMM eTller

Source: IMM

Mass.-based Digital Federal Credit Union recently retained IMM, a provider of eTransaction automation for the modern business enterprise, to enhance its teller operations with IMM’s Teller Item Capture and TotaleReceipts solutions.

Digital Federal Credit Union sought new efficiencies at the teller line and determined that implementing the eTeller solutions from IMM would assist in maximizing employees’ productivity as well as streamline the member experience.

Michael Caissey, branch operations and regional manager for Digital Federal Credit Union, said, “Our teller environment has been transformed since we implemented IMM’s solutions. It’s now paperless and seamlessly connected to other internal systems to create a sophisticated automated process flow. Our employees appreciate the productivity this affords them. Previously, they made efforts to scan during the day to reduce end-of-day balancing, but that meant temporarily closing their teller windows. Now, overall check processing times have decreased and the ability to interact even more with our members has increased.”

Digital Federal Credit Union leverages Teller Item Capture to electronically truncate check items earlier in the processing cycle. Facilitating capture during the actual member transaction dramatically reduces downstream paper check handling and processing. Teller Item Capture populates information automatically into the teller platform to eliminate manual data entry, reducing errors and accelerating end-of-day balancing. It also provides Digital Federal Credit Union with ECL (electronic cash letter) automation and the ability to scan additional documents, such as power of attorney forms or driver’s licenses, with the option to attach them to any transaction.

To complement the expedited check processing afforded through Teller Item Capture, Digital Federal Credit Union has also implemented IMM’s TotaleReceipts to automate the generation of electronic receipts, signature capture and archival of the associated transaction receipt. TotaleReceipts provides email delivery options and immediate indexing and archival of transactions into Digital Federal Credit Union’s imaging backend for permanent archival and subsequent research activities.

“Teller automation is a significant component to driving overall efficiency across branch operations,” said John Levy, IMM executive vice president and ESRA (Electronic Signature & Records Association) Chairman. “While more interactions are taking place online, many members still go in branch, which plays a big part in how they view the organization. Our eTeller services provide credit unions the right tools to ensure that members’ experiences are meaningful and their time is well spent, all while employees benefit from a streamlined process.”

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