DigitalTangible integrates USD and bitcoin trading into web wallet

Source: DigitalTangible

DigitalTangible, Inc announces its integration of US dollar-to-bitcoin purchase functionality into its web wallet.

For the very first time, precious metal investors and dealers will be able to purchase bitcoins within their web wallet using their bank account in under 24 hours. This feature gives investors the fastest possible access to a global precious metals marketplace, priced in bitcoins, that provides global custodianship or immediate physical delivery of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

The DigitalTangible web wallet allows bitcoin and precious metals investors and precious metals dealers to control their portfolio of digitized assets, directly on their computer’s web browser, without the need for an intermediary. Investors may purchase precious metals directly from a network of global dealers or they may trade their digital assets with other wallet owners anywhere in the world. DigitalTangible’s global network of insured and bonded custodian partners secures this marketplace. Via its Proof-of-Custody innovation, customers have unprecedented control over their physical and digital wealth with simply the click of a mouse.

Acquiring bitcoins continues to be difficult for precious metals investors who wish to transact in bitcoins. Consolidating all digital money investing into one interface where the customer controls their private keys and bank account information is a world first. Integrating one of the leading bitcoin purchasing APIs into the DigitalTangible web wallet changes the game for investors that seek to protect their wealth and to command liquidity whenever needed.

DigitalTangible Founder and CEO, Taariq Lewis, states: “Our precious metals customers are actively rebalancing their metals portfolios, and want easier ways to enter and exit their positions. By enabling customers to purchase bitcoin directly in our wallet, we reduce friction and complexity present in purchasing precious metals with bitcoin. This functionality allows us to make what was previously impossible very simple. This new rely impossible very simple. This new reality delivers wealth empowerment to our customers who do not compromise on protecting and preserving their assets.”

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