Moscow Exchange introduces ultra-low latency data feed

Source: Moscow Exchange

Starting from 23 July, a new ultra low latency data feed for is available for co-location users connected to the Derivatives market through the M1 Data Center.

The new service not only allows clients to receive orders and trading data 30 times faster (once per millisecond) but it also enables loading the full anonymous order log 6 times faster (once per 5 milliseconds) which is the main advantage compared to remote connections through dedicated channels or over the internet.

The service will be provided free of charge as a trial period through 1 October 2013. The new solution allows clients to maximize effectiveness of their high-frequency trading algorithms, where decision making speed is of critical importance.

It makes market data processing more flexible and allows use of a variety of programmable aggregation and analysis methods, in order to make immediate decisions and quickly respond to micro-movements of the markets.

The service is available for Plaza II protocols. Beginning from 1 October 2013 the Exchange plans to introduce a fee for using the service. 

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