GlobalPlatform claims 100th member

Source: GlobalPlatform

Industry body GlobalPlatform has announced that it has today reached 100 members. The landmark achievement by the association reflects the relevance of its work to standardize the management of applications on secure chip technology in today's marketplace.

Established in 1999, GlobalPlatform's pioneering work has produced widely adopted specifications for secure-chips, devices and back-end systems. The infrastructure delivers a trusted end-to-end solution, which facilitates the secure and interoperable deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on secure chip technology. The need to deploy services using an agreed infrastructure has become particularly important as markets converge to deliver innovative chip-based services to consumers through mobile devices.

Executive Director at GlobalPlatform, Kevin Gillick, recognizes that the association's work within the secure mobile services and identity sectors has driven membership growth in recent years. He comments: "This is a significant milestone for GlobalPlatform. There is a real desire from various stakeholders across the secure chip industry to contribute to GlobalPlatform's technology and our market discussions. As more members engage in our work, more expertise is shared and contributed to our specifications. This makes our offering as comprehensive as possible and relevant to all stakeholders, promoting mass adoption and bringing significant interoperability benefits to the market."

When commenting on recent achievements, Kevin highlights: "GlobalPlatform Specifications and Configurations deliver real value to the industry". This year GlobalPlatform has, for example, continued to advance its secure element (SE) standardization activity with the launch of the SE Configuration, which focuses on embedded SEs and smart microSD cards. It has also extended its Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Specifications and delivered TEE seminars to the mobile services industry. Within the identity sector, GlobalPlatform launched a guide for deploying GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.2, and will shortly be releasing a privacy framework that will assist in standardizing this increasingly important area. "These are just a handful of the organizations key technical outputs," adds Kevin.

GlobalPlatform has also enhanced its compliance program that confirms a product will meet the functional requirements of its specifications. Kevin highlights that this activity has contributed to GlobalPlatform's growth. "The compliance program clearly communicates to the industry that GlobalPlatform is committed to its specifications and will maintain them long-term. This brings confidence and stability to the market. It also offers trust and transparency as an independent third party can validate products to the GlobalPlatform Specifications."

GlobalPlatform today can qualify products that meet the functionality defined by its: Basic Financial Configuration - for the banking sector, UICC and SE Configurations - for the mobile services sector, as well as its TEE Specifications - for handset device manufacturers, platform providers and software developers advancing secure mobile content.

Kevin concludes: "GlobalPlatform is a member-driven association with cross-market representation. It relies on the contribution and resources of its members to advise on technical requirements, inform on market priorities, and share industry experience and knowledge. I would like to take this opportunity to express sincere thanks to our members for their on-going hard work and commitment to GlobalPlatform's success to date as well as their continued support to ensure future growth." 

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