Corvil upgrades latency management platform

Source: Corvil

Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for global financial markets, today announced significant updates to its CorvilNet platform that will bring the benefits of latency management to multiple trading businesses and support teams in the same organization.

This is in response to demand from customers looking to update and consolidate multiple disparate infrastructures into one common low-latency trading infrastructure that can be shared cost effectively across all businesses. Supported by a common product platform to assure performance and latency of the underlying data and transactions.

The new release extends the reach of the CorvilNet latency management platform into multiple asset classes and departments. A single CorvilNet installation can now serve multiple departments with the relevant analysis and metrics for their business needs. Executives, trading desks, trade support teams and infrastructure teams will now have one-click access to CorvilNet with real-time and historical views, tailored to their specific requirements. These views also include the option to restrict access to specific order flow. For example, multiple trading desks across asset classes can share a single CorvilNet deployment with the assurance that other trading desks cannot access their order flow analysis.

Donal O'Sullivan, VP Product Management Corvil said, "By replacing several outdated monitoring systems with a single latency management platform, which is flexible enough to meet the needs of the entire organisation, our customers are achieving considerable cost savings."

One of the users is Deutsche Börse, which is refreshing its global latency monitoring system and adding new capabilities for its recent 10G co-location service with the latest version of the CorvilNet platform.

"CorvilNet provides both our customers and us with a complete and comprehensive latency insight of Deutsche Börse Group's markets. With the upgrade to the new CorvilNet system we renew our commitment to offer the best services to our customers" said Matthias Kluber, Executive Vice President Deutsche Börse, responsible for Networks and Infrastructure.

Other highlights in the release include the CorvilNet Latency Feed; which allows real-time mul multicast distribution of CorvilNet latency data; distributed multi-hop analysis; time of day alerting and zero traffic alerts, e.g. when market data or trading sessions fail.

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