Tyfone updates mobile banking technology

Source: Tyfone

Tyfone, a mobile financial solutions provider, today unveiled its next generation mobile banking solution with industry-first features designed to make mobile banking more compelling for more bank and credit union customers to use, and deliver a value proposition more enticing to financial institutions.

Tyfone Mobile Banking is built on top of the company's u4ia mobile financial services platform that also enables contactless payments using near field communications (NFC) and strong authentication ID management, providing banks with a multi-faceted roadmap for offering comprehensive digital wallet and payment services.

"At Tyfone we firmly believe that mobile will quickly become the platform of choice for banking customers as mobile banking services provide more value than either online or in-person banking," said Mark Miyamoto, Tyfone's director of mobile banking product development. "The proliferation of smartphones and low cost data plans enable financial institutions the ability to convert a costlier 'serviced' banker into an efficient, low cost 'self-service' mobile banker, offering more strategic value and cost efficiencies to the financial institution. As the lines between mobile banking and digital wallet services begin to blur, Tyfone and its mobile financial services platform is well positioned to bridge the gap with an extremely secure and integrated service offering."

Tyfone's multimode mobile banking solution already offers a complete range of features delivered to banking customers via mobile application, mobile websites or text messaging. In addition to the standard mobile banking features such as checking balance, reviewing account history, fund transfers, branch and ATM location lookup and bill pay, Tyfone offering financial institutions a best-in-class solution:

Industry-First Mobile Banking Features

Mobile banking for non-online bankers: Every other mobile banking solution is essentially an extension of online banking. To ensure all members can take advantage of mobile banking, a key new feature of Tyfone Mobile Banking is its ability to offer mobile banking to 100 percent of a bank or credit union's customer base, and not limit mobile banking only to those customers subscribed to online banked to online banking services.

Account aggregation: Another key feature unique to Tyfone is the ability to aggregate accounts so a user can view and manage multiple accounts with just a single login. This account aggregation feature allows a customer to see multiple accounts, ( i.e., personal, business and jointly held accounts), in a single mobile banking session. While other mobile banking services require a unique login to manage each respective account, Tyfone Mobile Banking enables a more efficient and easier user experience.

Secure ID management: Tyfone's secure ID management is prepared to meet and exceed the security and authentication requirements for corporate mobile banking and high value transactions. These higher standards are achieved with Tyfone's unique ability to offer true Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

Contactless Payments via NFC: Tyfone's patented contactless payments technology enables institutions to strategically position themselves by offering a customizable and transferable digital wallet. Customers will appreciate the ability to customize their secure digital wallet, just as they do with the wallet in their purse or pocket today. Tyfone's SideTapTM microSD memory cards enables most phones on the market today to be NFC enabled. multiple devices.

Other Enhanced Mobile Banking Features

Mobile remote deposit capture: End-users of Tyfone Mobile Banking can also use mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC), allowing them to use a mobile phone's onboard camera to photograph a check and remotely deposit the funds using the mobile banking service.

Tyfone paid close attention to the end-user experience as well as the need to reduce or limit a financial institution's need to invest more to offer mobile services. Tyfone Mobile Banking reduces a bank's overhead costs with a self-service sign-up, allowing customers to download the app or visit the mobile website, enter their account information and be up and running in just minutes. Tyfone's patented technologies also enable financial institutions to think beyond mobile banking and begin planning for integrated digital wallet, NFC payments and secure ID services.

"Of the several vendors OnPoint evaluated for our mobile banking solution, Tyfone was the only one with a long term vision for mobile payments and we felt that they provided the best roadmap to the future," said Jim Armstrong, senior vice president of technology at OnPoint Community Credit Union, one of the Pacific Northwest's largest credit union. "Tyfone's software developers are incredibly fast movers, quickly developing for OnPoint a seamless interface to Fiserv's XP2 core system and Digital Insight's online banking module that included a single sign-on feature. Tyfone is a great partner and at the top of my list of vendors to work with at the credit union."

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