Telerate releases Active8 version 2.1

Source: Telerate

Telerate, the global real-time information provider, announced today the launch of Active8 version 2.1, Telerate's front-end application for retrieving, displaying and integrating market data, news and analysis.

This latest release provides significant new functionality including the ability to receive software updates and configuration files via the web, build customized correlation, spread and cross rate analyses, filter real-time trades in time & sales control and charting enhancements.

Active8 was launched in 2002 and the latest version of software, 2.1, is the fifth release since the product was launched a little over two years ago. Active8 is the preferred front-end display application for almost 15,000 users at clients based throughout the world, including Citigroup, ICAP, Fortis, FNMA, BP, Bank Vontobel and Julius Baer. Active8 runs in TRS, Triarch, RMDS and TIB environments and as a standalone workstation.

"We are committed to providing our clients with the best industry standard solutions," said Brice Hamon, Senior Vice President – Trading Solutions. "The remote update capability of Active8 version 2.1 enables our clients to substantially reduce the cost and time spent on the tedious task of software update by using this feature."

Active8 v2.1 provides:
  • Ability to receive software updates and configuration files automatically via the internet guaranteeing users will always have the latest version of Active8 on their desktop. Larger sites will be able to install their own distribution server, controlling the software distribution on site.
  • Powerful new grid style control called matrix analytics used to build customized Correlation, Spread, and Cross Rate Analyses.
  • Filtering of Time & Sales trades in real-time by time in.
  • Full OLE compliant drag and drop for all controls allowing for smoother interfacing to Microsoft programs.
  • Greek calculations outside the Options analytics application allowing them to be integrated into other Active8 applications and Microsoft excel.
  • New and improved Active8 SDK(software development kit) with full history integration, expanded drag and drop functionality, news, and publishing (Windows, Solaris and Linux) interfaces.
  • Active8 Chart application has been enhanced to include many new analyses that will benefit both the technical trader and the strategic analyst:
    • Market Profile
    • Trade Study Analysis
    • Optimization Analysis
    • Trade Reporting Analysis
    • Scaling Updates Analysis
    • Volatility Analysis
    • Continuous futures enhancements
    • Captions on Drawing tools
    • Enhanced Analysis Designer to Support Custom Strategies and Signals, including a Signal Designer Wizard. The Trading System ships with a default set of 21 Trading Strategies and 34 Signals.

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