Diebold integrates Carreker imaging software into Opteva ATMs

Source: Diebold

Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD), and Carreker Corporation (Nasdaq: CANI), a leading provider of consulting and technology solutions for the financial services industry, today announced that Diebold will integrate Carreker's Quality Assurance Suite, Image Inspector, into Diebold's Opteva family of automated teller machines (ATMs).

With the enactment of Check 21, banks are increasingly capturing check images earlier in the check-clearing process, including the point at which checks are deposited at ATMs. The Opteva family of ATMs offers envelope-free deposits, enabling checks to be deposited into Diebold's Intelligent Depository Module and cash into a Bulk Note Acceptor.

Diebold will integrate Carreker's Courtesy Amount Recognition; Legal Amount Recognition (CAR/LAR) and Image Inspection technology with Diebold's image technology. The integration will allow check images captured at Opteva ATMs to be reviewed for image quality and enhanced to ensure the best possible image is transmitted to the financial institution. Carreker's CAR/LAR technology significantly increases check-amount recognition accuracy.

Image Inspector enhances and verifies the quality of payment images using Carreker's advanced image recognition technology and sophisticated detection patterns. It analyzes check images and flags low-quality items for repair at the item, device, and file levels. The application increases the integrity of the image archive and exchanges between the bank and its archive provider and reduces related research costs. It also reduces the user's risk of fraud by improving the accuracy of fraud detection systems. It is designed to work in multiple payment workflow environments and to ensure adherence to the user's privacy policies.

Carreker's Image Inspector will enhance Diebold's robust check-imaging solution, ImageWay. An electronic check-imaging solution for ATMs, ImageWay is an open, end-to-end deposit automation solution, developed for the self- service delivery channel. ImageWay enables financial institutions to capture check images at the ATM, transport them to a financial institution's server and format the data so it's compatible with the institution's back-office image processes. Image Inspector will help ensure the images captured by Diebold's Intelligent Depository Module (IDM) are quality, usable images.

"More than ever before, Diebold's banking customers demand deposit automation," said David Bucci, Diebold's senior vice president for Customer Solutions. "We are constantly seeking ways to enhance the solutions we offer to our customers. Together, Diebold's Intelligent Depository Module and Carreker's Image Inspector offer a powerful solution that will make self- service check acceptance ready for the Check 21 environment."

Doug Halvorsen, director, Capture Technologies, Carreker Corporation said, "To realize the maximum value of the Check 21 legislation, banks require enhanced processing for ATM image deposits. Carreker and Diebold's combined technologies help financial institutions maximize their Check 21 remote capture opportunities by improving the integrity of the ATM deposit process, minimizing the risk of uncollectable items, and increasing operational efficiencies through advanced image-based technologies."

J.D. Denny Carreker, chairman and CEO of Carreker Corporation said, "Diebold's significant market share in ATMs means that Image Inspector should increasingly become the standard for managing image quality. By capturing check images at the ATM source, banks can reduce their deposit processing expenses, achieve faster funds availability, enjoy later deposit deadlines, and share these benefits with their clients. With Image Inspector, they can do so with a high level of security regarding quality and risk."

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