Tibco enhances BPM suite

Source: Tibco Software

Tibco Software (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced the expanded reach of its BPM+ initiative, increasing the convergence of Tibco iProcess, its leading Business Process Management (BPM) suite with its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web 2.0, Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Master Data Management (MDM) technologies.

TIBCO iProcess Suite version 11 further unifies design and operations, enabling business experts to own and rapidly improve more of the business process.

TIBCO's unique approach to BPM is to deliver a unified solution that extends from process design to process optimisation and from front-office to back-office processes extending business processes to a higher level of sophistication beyond what has traditionally been accomplished. Business experts can now own and rapidly change processes involving people, information and systems across the entire business process management lifecycle, from business modelling and simulation to execution, and business activity monitoring.

Many companies have already been using TIBCO BPM+ to transform their core business processes. KPN, one of the leading telecommunications providers in Europe with over 35 million customers, is transforming over the last few years from a traditional PTT threatened by a shrinking fixed landline business into a growth company delivering fixed, mobile, broadband and bundled offerings on an all-IP network. KPN relied on TIBCO's BPM+SOA technology to make this transformation a reality, and become a much more agile IT organisation.

"In 2005, KPN had a traditional telecommunications IT environment, with an existing portfolio of over 1000 applications that were expensive to maintain and took too long to change," said Eric Kramer, program manager at KPN. "In order to support all-IP, broadband and multi-product initiatives in the timeframes needed for the business, we had to adopt a new approach. Three years later, KPN's IT is completely different. Nearly 60% of KPN's business is running on TIBCO's BPM and SOA products, with over 450 business services in production. We deliver projects much faster and more efficiently, and achieve 40-60% reuse in a given project. Most importantly, TIBCO BPM and SOA has helped us transform into a more profitable, more nimble growth company, and be firsrst to market with new offerings like 100 MB broadband access or ITV."

Many companies have gained substantial benefits in terms of cost savings, faster time to market and increases in bottom line revenue using TIBCO BPM+. Specific benefits achieved include:

  • 75 per cent lower labour costs
  • Up to a 90 per cent reduction in business process cycle times
  • Up to 90 per cent shorter development times
  • Some projects delivered in 30 days
  • Up to 50 per cent revenue growth

"In this economic environment, businesses need software that rapidly improves the efficiency of their core business processes to create bottom line benefits," said Ram Menon executive vice president, worldwide marketing at TIBCO. "With the increases in agility and productivity that this latest release adds on top of TIBCO's proven BPM leadership, I anticipate we will continue to attract smart companies looking for quick and quantifiable returns from their BPM investments."

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