Experian unveils B2B credit score model

Source: Experian

Experian, a global information services company, today announced Intelliscore Plus, a powerful new business-to-business credit score.

Designed to provide significant increases in predictive power, Intelliscore Plus enables clients to minimize risk and offers a highly reliable assessment of future business delinquency, which is particularly important in today's uncertain economic times. The new scoring model also delivers unprecedented flexibility by allowing clients to choose either a commercial-only or a blended business and business owner credit score to gain greater visibility into a business's credit performance.

"In this changing economic environment, it has become vitally important to improve efficiency and reduce risk," said Allen Anderson, president of Experian's Business Information Services. "We designed Intelliscore Plus to provide our clients with a score that will help them confidently make critical business decisions using the most robust and predictive scoring model available."

Utilizing key information entered in an inquiry, Intelliscore Plus returns a score highly predictive of business payment. The user can inquire on the business only, the business owner only, or a blend of information on both the business and the business owner. For identifying risk in small businesses, blended data has proven the most predictive in the industry. In fact, research has shown that blended scores capture 46 percent more small-business deterioration than commercial data alone. The new credit score also features a unique approach to evaluating large businesses that significantly improves targeting of large-business risk.

Intelliscore Plus leverages the power of Experian's BizSource database, which integrates business intelligence, comprehensive commercial data and more than 30 years of information management expertise. The new score employs advanced statistical techniques and combines more than 800 commercial and owner variables, including tradeline and collections information, recent credit inquiries, public filings, new account activity, and key financial ratios to provide clients with fast and accurate risk assessment. Intelliscore Plus also offers the ability to include up to four business owners or guarantors on one report, providing a more comprehensive view on a business with multiple owners.

Intelliscore Plus delivers:

  • Significant performance improvements in predictive power
  • One simple process for both commercial and blended reports
  • More than 800 commercial and consumer variables evaluated to calculate
    a score
  • Up to four guarantors included in a blended score report

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