Alerus Financial selects ClairMail to power m-banking service

Source: ClairMail

ClairMail, Inc., the leader in 2-way mobile phone-based customer interaction, today announced that Alerus Financial, a Midwestern-based financial services company offering banking and wealth management services, selected ClairMail to power its new mobile banking offering - Alerus Mobile Access.

Alerus Mobile Access will enable Alerus Financial bank customers to connect to their accounts via text messaging (SMS) or mobile web. The service is free to all Alerus customers and allows users to access any Alerus account, including checking, savings, money market, CDs and loans. Customers will be offered a host of secure banking capabilities and alerts on their mobile phones through ClairMail's secure solution.

ClairMail is the first and only mobile banking and payments solution that delivers 2-way mobile banking functionality on all mobile phones and across all three mobile user interface types -- messaging, mobile web and client applications -- known as the "2-way triple play." On one platform with a single implementation, the ClairMail System seamlessly and securely integrates with a bank's systems of record and provides bank customers with a comprehensive suite of 2-way mobile banking and payment services.

The ClairMail System's modular design and complete 2-way mobile banking services will enable Alerus Financial customers to access account information and conduct transactions by leveraging any mobile phone's existing messaging software and mobile web capabilities -- regardless of the device's manufacturer, model, operating system or wireless carrier.

The ClairMail System also features a powerful Event Engine, which can process hundreds of thousands of transactions every minute from Alerus Financial's back-end systems and enable customer-defined 2-way actionable alerts. The ClairMail Event Engine offers a broad set of alerts that Alerus Financial customers can opt-in to receive, including alerts when balances get low, a check clears, a withdrawal exceeds a customer-defined dollar amount, a statement is available and confirmations for deposits or withdrawals. The ClairMail Event Engine empowers Alerus Financial to provide these time-sensitive, 2-way alerts which their customers can respond to with a simple text message in order to easily and securelyy resolve issues and manage all aspects of their personal finances from their mobile phone.

"We understand our customers' needs for immediate, accurate and secure information about their finances and Alerus' mission has always been to serve in our customers' best interests," said Randy Newman, President and CEO of Alerus Financial. "That is why we empower our customers with complete and intuitive 2-way mobile banking and payments on any mobile phone using ClairMail's comprehensive and secure platform for mobile banking transactions."

Alerus Financial provides banking and wealth management services to customers across the United States. With offices in North Dakota and Minnesota, this independent and locally owned multibillion-dollar financial services company is one of the largest and oldest independent financial services organizations in the upper Midwest.

"ClairMail is pleased to team with Alerus Financial to quickly and easily provide our industry-leading suite of secure, convenient and on-demand 2-way mobile banking services to all of their customers," said Joseph Salesky, CEO of ClairMail. "2-way mobile banking is the key driver for providing value to customers and accelerating adoption."

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