Orc upgrades CameronFIX

Source: Orc Software

Orc Software (SSE: ORC), the leading global provider of technology for advanced derivatives trading and connectivity, today announced the release of Orc CameronFIX Version 6.3.

This release provides significant enhancements including complete integration of the FAST standard into the Orc CameronFIX Engine.

The new enhancements available in Orc CameronFIX Version 6.3 include:

  • Integration of FAST into the CameronFIX Universal Server and the CameronFIX Market Data Server provides full CameronFIX functionality with the FAST standard
  • Alternate Session Viewer on GUI allows users to quickly see detailed information on their current FIX sessions
  • Integration components with Orc architecture further facilitate the use of CameronFIX with the Orc Trading suite of applications
  • Now built for Java 5+ allowing clients to utilize the latest Java updates

"With the integration of FAST into our flagship CameronFIX Universal Server, we are able to deliver to our customers a unique FAST solution that is not a bolted-on product, but is truly an integrated part of the Cameron FIX Universal Server," notes Joacim Wiklander, VP of Product Management at Orc Software.

The integration of FAST into CameronFIX allows customers to leverage the same flexible architecture of message processors, technology adapters, and CameronFIX options with FAST connectivity. FAST becomes an additional inflow/outflow of messages from the CameronFIX Universal Server with all of the market-leading capabilities offered by the CameronFIX Universal Server.

Orc Software is a Premier Member of the FIX Protocol organization and is actively involved in the development of the standard. Members of Orc's development and technical teams are active members of the FAST protocol working group.

FAST was developed by the FIX Protocol organization to bring the benefits of standardization to market data and deliver optimized performance for the exchange of electronic financial information. Built around a data compression algorithm, it significantly reduces bandwidth requirements and latency between sender and receiver. FAST works particularly well at improving performance during periods of peak message rates.

In addition to the integration of FAST into the Orc CameronFIX Universal Server, Orc Software has also developed the CameronFIX Accelerator program. This program optimizes a CameronFIX implementation resulting in latency reductions of up to 80%.

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