Rome launches credit risk package for SMEs

Source: ROME Corporation

ROME Corporation, the leading provider of Credit Risk Management solutions for the energy and financial services markets, today announced the launch of ROME CreditRisk OnDemand for small to medium sized organizations.

ROME's flagship product, ROME CreditRisk, is currently used by many of the world's leading energy and financial services companies to gain an enterprise-wide view of their counterparties, credit exposure, and liquidity obligations. It is the only truly Web-based, fully flexible credit risk solution based on leading technology.

ROME CreditRisk OnDemand provides small to medium sized organizations with a standardized credit risk management solution as a Web-based subscription service. The solution comes pre-configured with industry best practices and offers a simple Excel-based data upload capability.

The key features of ROME CreditRisk OnDemand include:
  • Counterparty data management
  • Credit scoring management
  • Pre-configured legal agreement templates
  • Pre-configured Excel-based data loader
  • Pre-configured exposure calculation formulas
  • Pre-configured portfolio/concentration templates
  • Credit limit management
  • Standard exposure and collateral management views
  • Standard set of workflows and reports
  • Built-in security user/group management

ROME CreditRisk OnDemand can either be hosted at the ROME data center or installed as a managed service on-premise. The dedicated ROME support organization supplies full installation, maintenance, upgrade, and monitoring of the solution, as well as end-user support. This lowers initial and on-going IT costs, improves quality and response times, and provides a solution that is easy to use and quick to deploy -- delivering results in a matter of weeks.

"We are very excited by the launch of ROME CreditRisk OnDemand," said Dan Reid, Chief Marketing Officer of ROME. "Many smaller businesses that previously could not implement sophisticated credit risk controls will now have the ability to do so, both quickly and very cost effectively."

"In the past many smaller organizations have been forced to get by with spreadsheets and customized reports from their trading systems which have provided limitemmited capabilities and a lack of auditable controls," said David Achim, President and CEO of ROME. "With recent events such as the subprime credit crisis it is more important than ever for all organizations to have stringent credit risk policies, practices, and controls in place, whatever the size of the company."

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