Telekurs drives international ETF valuations on Amex

Source: Telekurs Financial

Utilizing technology developed by the Swiss software company Rolotec AG (majority-owned by Telekurs Holding), Telekurs Financial is the power behind the intraday calculation of indicative net asset valuations (“iNAVs”) for 9 global and emerging markets equity index-linked funds currently trading on the American Stock Exchange (“Amex”).

These recently launched funds join a large inventory of iNAVs calculated by Telekurs Financial and delivered to exchanges throughout Europe.

Telekurs Financial was selected by a large US-based ETF issuer because the flexibility, depth and breadth of Telekurs Financial's Market Data Feed ("MDF") allowed it to support pricing of the broad-based indices, and the company's proven calculation technology enabled it to quickly bring the new funds to market.

These funds track exposures across a variety of the world's emerging and established markets, covering key regions including:
  • Asia/Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Africa

In the United States, issuers may turn to the American Stock Exchange for calculation of domestic funds, but when faced with the need for pricing of global constituents, the choices have been limited due to content limitations or technology issues. "With Telekurs offering a complete global ETF calculation service in the US, market participants have a new alternative for intra-day indicative value calculations of their global funds", said Scott Ebner, Senior Vice President of the ETF Marketplace at the American Stock Exchange. "We are very pleased to work with Telekurs, an established global service provider, as they expand their services to the US in the exciting and growing ETF market."

Meeting the US market's requirement for an international ETF calculation service came naturally to Telekurs. "Our unique combination of comprehensive, global real-time content and fund calculation technology means we are one of the few firms in the world that can offer this service. The fact that we were already providing iNAV valuations to the world's major ETF listing markets gave us the ability to bring these new funds to market very quickly, with extremely satisfactory results all around", said Eugen Niesper, Telekurs Financial's CEO. "We are thrilled to expand on our long-standing ETF calculation business by providing this service in the United States"

Rolotec CEO, Jörg Buser agreed, adding, "We've been supporting UBS' ETF business for more than 5 years, and we now deliver iNAV calculations every 15 seconds to the US and European exchanges that list the significant majority of exchange-traded funds issued to date. This market is undergoing an exciting period of growth, and we are pleased to be able to participate by providing comprehensive calculation and management services to the customers as well as full support to the listing exchanges."

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