BeCrypt joins RSA partner programme

Source: BeCrypt

BeCrypt Limited today announced that it has joined the RSA Secured Partner Program to certify technical interoperability between its DISK Protect 4.0 security solution, RSA SecurID SID800 Hardware Authenticator token, RSA 5200 Smart Card and RSA Sign-On Manager enterprise single sign-on solution.

The RSA Secured certification awarded to DISK Protect 4.0 signifies that a technical partnership has been established to offer joint customers a solution that combines full disk encryption with hardware authenticator token and smart card support and an enterprise single sign-on solution. Keys and credentials are stored on the hardware authenticator token and smart card which in turn could unlock a PC and can also be passed through to RSA Sign-On Manager software.

Integration with the hardware authenticator token and smart card with enterprise single sign-on software means that DISK Protect can now form part of a streamlined security solution to provide better secure access to both networks and local machines.

"We are experiencing a strong drive for secure flexible working from a wide range of market sectors" says Bernard Parsons, CTO of BeCrypt Limited, "Customers want a simple answer as to how to meet a wide range of threats, and achieving technical interoperability through the RSA Secured program with the RSA SecurID SID800 Hardware Authenticator token, RSA 5200 Smart Card and RSA Sign-On Manager software allows us to provide that. DISK Protect is an enterprise security solution that can be used to enforce an enterprise-wide security policy. It is designed to be easy to implement, easy to manage, and to deliver significant savings on the Total Cost of Ownership. It fully protects sensitive data whilst being entirely transparent to the end user."

"We are pleased to continue the momentum of the RSA Secured Partner Program with the addition of BeCrypt," said Stuart Cohen, director of partner development at RSA Security. "Companies are struggling to maintain secure access to vital information and applications, and the technology partnership between BeCrypt and RSA Security provides a valuable solution to end users."

DISK Protect protects the data on Desktop and Laptop PCs with three layers of security: full disk encryption, strong pre-boot authentication and optional removable media encryption, whilst having no noticeable impact on performance. Full disk encryption, performed transparently on the fly, avoids the risk that the user may forget to encrypt sensitive files. Pre-boot authentication allows DISK Protect to encrypt the Operating System and prevent data being accessed using low level tools. Removable media encryption secures data on USB-connected storage devices and floppy disks. DISK Protect installation supports one or more Administrators and multiple users, who each have a unique password or password and token. A System Management console permits the Administrator to manage user accounts and permits ordinary users to manage their own removable media keys. An optional device recovery mechanism allows a remote user who has forgotten his or her password to unlock a machine with the help of an Administrator.

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