Algorithmics to release Linux version of Algo Suite

Algorithmics to release Linux version of Algo Suite

Toronto-based Algorithmics says it has completed performance testing on a Linux version of risk management system Algo Suite and plans to release the product by the autumn.

The benchmarking exercise used a distributed computing version of Algo Suite and the vendor's Mark-to-Future framework to utilise clusters of machines running a heterogeneous environment for Linux and Solaris operating systems.

The product completed its largest test of approximately nine billion valuations and 19 million exposure calculations on a Linux cluster of Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz CPUs running Red Hat Linux 7.3 in just over four hours. The final risk reports calculated the mean exposure and 95% exposure for each position and portfolio.

The vendor says the results show that Algo Suite on Linux provides improved speed and scalability and would allow clients to add additional computing resources without further implementation or configuration.

The new product will use DataSynapse's grid computing platform, LiveCluster 3G, which supports distribution of Algo Suite simulations through an adaptive scheduling mechanism. Algorithmics says it has also partnered other hardware providers for development, testing and certification.

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