ACI adopts multi-platform strategy for Base24

ACI adopts multi-platform strategy for Base24

ACI Worldwide has adopted a multi-platform strategy for its core e-payments software, providing online transaction processing via its Base24 product on IBM, Sun and HP hardware.

ACI says that the multi-platform version of the product set, dubbbed Base24-es, ensures ease of integration for banks dealing across siloed delivery channels.

ACI president Mark Vipond comments: "The legacy systems used by many financial service providers have evolved into disparate and redundant systems, with data and services replicated for branch delivery, the ATM system, Web services and other channels. This silo structure requires multiple interfaces to core systems."

Base24-es uses an open systems architecture that allows users to access enterprise-wide services like authentication or e-payment switching and make them available to any number and type of delivery channels, says Vipond.

A new scripting engine allows users to easily modify transaction processing logic to meet changing business needs, for example, to introduce new authorisation rules or impose more stringent authentication requirements, he adds.

Users may also switch hardware platforms with ease, says Vipond: "For a Base24-es user, even if their hardware strategies change, they can continue to use the same application software from ACI, running on any platform that ACI supports."

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