Hansabank transfers to BEA WebLogic platform

Hansabank transfers to BEA WebLogic platform

Hansabank, the largest financial institution in the Baltic, has revamped its online banking services, consolidating applications on BEA's WebLogic Enterprise Platform.

The bank has transferred its entire portfolio of online services to the BEA platform, including the Hanza.net personal Web bank (which currently serves 500,000 customers), the Telehanza.net Web bank for businesses and Hansabank's internal branch office system that links offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to back office customer databases. The bank also aims to bring its mobile banking services onto the BEA WebLogic platform in the near future.

Olli Heinonen, CIO and member of the board, Hansabank, says the bank opted for BEA as the most cost-efficient platform, with lowest total cost of ownership among competing vendors.

"We are always looking for independent software vendors and integrator partners to help us in designing and developing new online services. As the most popular platform, BEA WebLogic always attracts the best third-party developers," he says.

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