Fundtech's bbp offers banks SwiftNet migration service

Fundtech's bbp offers banks SwiftNet migration service

Switzerland-based Biveroni Batschelet Partners (bbp), a Fundtech company and provider of applications and managed services, has announced plans to offer banks the ability to outsource the migration and management of the new SwiftNet messaging service.

By leveraging bbp's SwiftNet ServiceBureau, companies can migrate to the new mandatory standard with minimal operational obligations, reduced maintenance and system support costs and un-interrupted daily business for their customers.

Through the SwiftNet ServiceBureau, bbp will transition customers from their existing system to the new TCP/IP connection. All changes will be managed by the bbp staff, freeing customers from IT risks and headaches.

Jon Biveroni, Chairman, bbp, says: "The Swift ServiceBureau delivers a highly competitive and proven lower cost solution in comparison to in-house SWIFT processing and management."

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