CSFB refines Web search for corporate bondholders

CSFB refines Web search for corporate bondholders

Credit Suisse First Boston has launched a new online relative value analysis tool for the corporate bond market.

The Cross Currency Securities Selector (CCSS) allows investors to analyse securities using a wide range of criteria, including credit rating, industry sector, or maturity sector, across all of CSFB's liquid fixed income indices swapped into five major currencies: US dollar, euro, sterling, Swiss franc and yen.

Users can select criteria and create a results page that includes spread to Libor levels in a common chosen currency creating a basic rich/cheap comparison. The time series for cross currency data on individual bonds is also available and downloadable into Excel.

Direct links to CSFB research, CUSP credit scoring information, the Sovereign Economic Indicator Database (SEID) and underlying performance data are available for each bond.

Baldwin Smith, vice president and head of CSFB's global credit index group, explains: "We saw a need to combine our analysis tools with our index data in a way which both enhances and simplifies corporate bond analysis, and we feel that the CCSS comprehensively meets this need."

CSFB's suite of fixed income indices include the Liquid US Corporate Index (LUCI), the Liquid Eurobond Index (LEI), the Liquid Japanese Corporate Index (LJCI), the Liquid US Agency Index (LUAI) and the EETC Structured Index (DESI).

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