Smaller banks offered EMV-in-a-box

Smaller banks offered EMV-in-a-box

Compaq, ACI Worldwide, and Gemplus International have launched 'EMV Easy' - a low-cost out-of-the-box solution to migrate medium-sized banks to smart card technology.

EMV Easy has been developed for banks issuing up to 750,000 credit/debit cards to comply with the strict requirements set out by Europay, MasterCard and Visa for migration to the new EMV smart card standards.

The package is scalable to support peak authorisation loads of 20 transactions per second. It features Compaq Himalaya hardware, ACI's base24 software, and Gemplus personalised chip cards and implementation services.

Paulo Ramos, vice president, business critical server group, Compaq Emea, says: "For the first time, smaller banks will have access to the best technology, providing the reliability and performance that, until now, has only been used by the largest financial institutions."

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