FEA puts VaR datasets online

FEA puts VaR datasets online

California-based Financial Engineering Associates (FEA) has launched VaRessentials, a new online service delivering datasets for value-at-risk (VaR) calculations via the Internet.

Laurent Birade, FEA vice president of sales and marketing, says: “Our primary goal in developing the VaRessentials service is to provide an inexpensive and reliable source of volatility and correlation datasets to professional risk managers.”

VaRessentials datasets provide G-25 volatilities and correlations calculated according to RiskMetrics standards. Subscribers can download dataset files for the past five business days, past twelve month-ends and the past three year-ends directly from the FEA Web site. Generated three times a week, the datasets are available for a yearly subscription fee of $295.

Birade continues: “We designed the service to ease the technology-intensive nature of managing enterprise risk...Downloading VaRessentials datasets can replace the time-intensive processes of historical data collection, data cleaning and dataset creation necessary to analyse and maximize the use of VaR methodologies for risk management."

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