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Paysend inks $30m media-for-equity deal with TelevisaUnivision

Paysend inks $30m media-for-equity deal with TelevisaUnivision

UK card-to-card payments platform Paysend is targeting America's 60 million-strong Hispanic population after securing a partnership deal with Spanish-language content and media company, TelevisaUnivision.

The two firms have inked a media-for-equity deal that sees Televisa become a significant shareholder in Paysend in exchange for a media and advertising commitment valued at $30 million over three years.

Paysend is hoping the deal will help it win over the millions of Hispanic Americans that send money to family members in Latin America.

The firm says that for unbanked people, its card-to-card offering provides an affordable alterative to more expensive, time-consuming, and unsafe methods to send and receive remittances.

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