Guardian iT responds to City data safety demands

Guardian iT responds to City data safety demands

UK-based technology firm Guardian iT has launched a new high-bandwidth telecoms network to enable finance and other City-based institutions to store crucial data out of town, while maintaining real-time access.

The ScaleNet network, which is 55.5 miles in length, will connect in a ring Guardian iT's data centres in the City, Docklands, the South Bank and Heathrow, with City-based organisations.

To avoid loss of data or systems failure, ScaleNet allows second-by-second data mirroring, full backups, and instant data recovery if any should be destroyed in a disaster.

Stephen Bean, group marketing director for Guardian iT, says: "Since September, a number of high-profile institutions from the finance sector have approached us to discuss contracting space - both to relocate people and to store data - at much greater distances from the City than were previously requested. ScaleNet will help solve these data worries."

ScaleNet is able to transport live data between offices and dedicated data centres at a capacity of 80 Gigabits per second. This is around eighty times the speed of what is currently considered a 'fast' network connection, and enough in theory to mirror the data of 64 large banks, or connect over one million high-quality telephone calls.

Until now, one-off installation costs to connect City based organisations with nearby data centres using high-speed connections have often exceeded half a million pounds, thereby restricting the technology to all but the largest organisations. All companies will now be able to lease space on ScaleNet, rather than installing their own dedicated line, says the vendor.

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