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Bunq customer spending in two months sees 40,000 trees planted

Bunq customer spending in two months sees 40,000 trees planted

Users of Dutch digital bank Bunq have spent enough on their Green Cards to plant 40,000 trees in the last eight weeks.

Bunq launched its metal Green Card in November, designed to help users offset their carbon footprint as they spend.

For every $100 a user spends, Bunq plants a tree on their behalf in conjunction with Eden Reforestation Project.

In its first eight weeks, the Bunq Green Card saw users spend enough to plant 40,000 trees, offsetting 12.3m kg of carbon, which is the equivalent of 13,000 flights from Paris to New York.

The Green Card costs an annual usage fee of $99 but Bunq is looking to offer greater value for this with extended warranty and increased payment protection on all purchases made.

The reforestation efforts are focused on the African island nation of Madagascar, thanks to its native mangroves capturing carbon at double the rate of tropical forests.

The reforestation efforts are also aimed at providing jobs and security to locals. Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world with over 75% of its inhabitants living on less than $1.90 a day and only 13% having access to electricity, according to World Bank.

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