Amicus Financial bids for Credit Card Center ATM portfolio

Amicus Financial bids for Credit Card Center ATM portfolio

Amicus Financial, the electronic banking division of CIBC, is to solicit the Credit Card Center's (CCC) former merchant customers in an effort to take-over the management of nearly 15,000 ATM terminals located throughout the United States.

In August, a federal bankruptcy court judge in Philadelphia awarded XtraCash ATM, the ATM operating arm of Amicus Financial, the exclusive rights to petition all of CCC's former merchant customers. Currently, Amicus Financial manages 8000 ATMs in the US and Canada.

"Amicus Financial's long-term ATM strategy is to create North America's largest and most comprehensive bank machine network," says Eugene DeSilva, chief officer of Amicus Financial's remote banking division. "We want to ensure that our ATMs provide fee-free access to funds for Amicus Financial banking customers and reliable, convenient access to cash for the public."

Most Amicus Financial ATMs provide a range of services, including cash dispensing, deposit taking, and account access and management. Future services and features may include online banking capability, cheque cashing, advertising, money transfer, and access to Web-based services.

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