Bank of Cyprus implements online customer data store

Bank of Cyprus implements online customer data store

Bank of Cyprus has implemented a global online viewing system from Germany-based Ceyoniq to eliminate paper-based record keeping and provide account managers with instantly-accessible data from customer accounts.

The bank will use the Report Manager software to store, record and retrieve report information, which can then be delivered into a single screen presentation accessible via the bank's Internet or intranet.

Using Cold (Computer Output to Laser Disk) technology, the package automatically captures, indexes and compresses the bank's report data from IBM mainframes (and soon from mid-range systems and Windows network servers). Current reports are placed in Raid (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk) caches for sub-second retrieval. Less frequently accessed reports are archived using automatic optical disk drives and jukeboxes that offer 15-second response.

Yiannakis Vakis, chief systems programmer, comments: "The streamlining of workflow and document management has reduced costs, increased the level of customer service, and reinforced proper internal procedures. Report Manager lets employees access files anytime, anywhere, via security-restricted Internet, corporate intranet, or LAN terminals."

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