Staffware automates global research processes

Staffware automates global research processes

UK-based software house Staffware has launched a business process automation solution designed to automate, manage and control the end-to-end processes involved in producing global research for the securities sector.

Based on Staffware’s highly scalable, rules-based process automation technology, the global, controlled and scalable solution facilitates moving from country or regionally based research to a global client-centric focus.

Trevor Salmon, director of financial services practice, Staffware, says process automation technology can manage and control global research from the origination of the idea through to research, production and distribution.

"By standardising and automating global research processes across multiple research centres, Staffware delivers greater process consistency and improved client service by reducing the time to market for the production and distribution of global research. It ensures that strict deadlines are adhered to when the research is of a time sensitive nature," he says.

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