HSBC cash machines fitted with spy in the sky

HSBC cash machines fitted with spy in the sky

HSBC is attaching satellite tracking devices to its ATMs in a bid to stop units being stolen by ramraiders.

HSBC is fitting some cash machines with tracking devices and putting up signs next to bugged machines in an effort to deter ramraiders, who steal bulldozers in order to remove through-the-wall ATMs and then drive off with them.

The device is being attached to an unspecified number of machines located at vulnerable sites.

A HSBC spokesperson told Finextra that the satellite tracking technology is one of many anti-fraud measures implemented by the bank. But the spokesperson declined to say how many units have been fitted with the device or how many ATMs had already been lost to ramraiders.

In a more lo-tech response to a spate of bulldozer attacks on its ATMs in 2004, Bank of Ireland thwarted raiders by simply emptying machines of their cash after branch closing times.

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