Winterflood is milestone FIX customer for Radianz

Winterflood is milestone FIX customer for Radianz

UK market maker Winterflood Securities has become the 1000th institution to commit to the Radianz network for transmitting FIX-based transactions.

Radianz connects nearly 10,000 financial services sites around the world on a shared network that enables participants to submit indications of interest (IOIs), route orders, execute trades, and perform other FIX-based transactions.

Mike Hines CEO of Winterflood says that by using Radianz the firm will free itself of the burden of having to build and manage its own network with seperate connections to each customer.

"A resilient connection to Radianz to distribute our services to financial sites that we are targeting, and consolidating our connectivity into a one-to-many configuration means we will be able to reach our counter parties more efficiently and roll out our international expansion plans in less time," he says.

Winterflood will also use its connection to RadianzNet as part of its disaster-recovery programme.

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