VhaYu extends hedge fund system

VhaYu extends hedge fund system

California-based VhaYu Technologies has extended its hedge fund applications to include FIX connectivity for prime broker execution, a "lightweight" order management system and a Microsoft Excel add-in.

Built on Vhayu's real time tick-data and analytics engine, the new release also features integrated automatic execution.

The new Excel add-in enables hedge funds to stream data into Excel, allowing traders to monitor watch lists or baskets or, using a pre-set algorithm, execute trades directly from a spreadsheet.

The engine can also store customers' fair-market value models and customer-specific data and allows users to develop, test and execute trading strategies.

Tejpal Chadha, VhaYu's co-founder and CEO, comments: "Hedge fund professionals are forced to contend with massive amounts of market data on a day-to-day, if not minute-by-minute, basis, and it's not slowing. They have told us that they need a cost-effective solution to automate the analytics and trading execution process."

Vhayu has also appointed two new account managers at its New York office to serve its hedge fund clients.

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