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Digital currencies will be an inevitable part of our futures.

11 Dec 2015

The list of security features that digital currencies have that cash cannot ever have is quite impressive. Digital currencies have a tenth of the cost of manufacturing and distributing actual notes and coins, the capacity for governments, economists and central banks to closely oversee a digital currency’s movement through an economy’s payments sy...


Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the United Nations favour cashless technology for the poor

08 Sep 2015

The United Nations is wholly supportive of a future transition to a cashless society. The UN Capital Development Fund through its ‘Better Than Cash Alliance’ (BTCA) seeks to empower the poor to have access to bank accounts principally through a mobile phone or a debit card. This is an essential service for those who do not have access to a bank br...


The world needs another Sir Tim Burners-Lee for our electronic system of Payments.

12 Aug 2015

Our national cashless payment infrastructure is the most important entity in our economy for the convenience and security of all credit and debit card holders, as well as all retailers. All other considerations, such as credit card reward schemes, credit card surcharges and interchange fees, detract from it and are secondary to it. Both credit an...


The Demise of Cash is almost upon us.

03 Aug 2015

There is no stopping the evolution to a cashless society. It will be a convergence of the internet, credit and debit cards that have Visa ‘payWave’, MasterCard ‘PayPass’, & American Express cards that have ‘ExpressPay’, and the use of smart phones. Smart phones can be used in much the same way as a physical wallet is used, only with virtual e...


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UK embraces contactless payments

  In Australia, contactless credit cards need a PIN Number when the transaction is over $100.00 in value. I believe this threshold is 20.00 Euros in the UK. It does look like the slow but certain progression towards a cashless society in the UK is making annual progress. Nobody should be in the business of foretelling when a cashless society happens in any nation-state. Leave magic to the mystery and delicate sophistry of magicians and palm readers. While Samsung Pay & Google Pay have been available in Australia for several years through a variety of financial institutions, Apple Pay has taken much longer time to become available. As an iPhone user of many years, it has been a very painful and frustrating wait for agreements between Australia’s major and minor banks on the one hand, and Apple to finally agree on contractual terms. Minor banks such as ING were the first cab off the rank followed by the four major banks who took a very long period to settle compared to the minors. The ANZ bank was the first major bank to sign with Apple Pay, followed by the CBA after a considerable period. After another long stretch, Ubank and the NAB had contracts with Apple which renewed my waning interest as I bank with them. Customers of Westpac are the last group of people still waiting for Apple Pay and their bank to sign an agreement. Out of curiosity I rang Westpac who told me that they expect to have Apple Pay available to all of their customers in the coming months. I love using Apple Pay. Despite the beauty & promise of technological development I do not think that cash will go quickly. There always are holdouts who refuse to roll over. Eventually their volume will diminish to a small rump and the writing on the wall will loom ever ominously in people’s minds that a progression to a cashless society will be seen as unstoppable and unanimous.

Lloyds' customers can now keep track of spending with Google Maps

  The linking of Google as a location recorder alongside Lloyd's Debit card accounts, is a highly significant development. Google maps joined to your spending can assist with the tracking of fraudulent transactions and their timely settlement. It could also be a quicker way of assisting the police or intelligence services with a way of tracking transactions or the whereabouts of any person of interest to them, or an alternative or a supplement to whatever technology they currently use. The use of transaction tracking can assist anyone who uses a Debit card or a Credit card alongside bank-based or some other budget software program. The idea I have in mind is for all non-bank budgeting software. Wherever you are using your smartphone or plastic card to make a transaction, all transactions that you make should automatically be recorded in budget software and your location should also be included in automatically recording the transaction. Instant or near instant recording of all of your transactions to any non-bank budget software including your location, will either eliminate or keep to an absolute minimum the need to manually record any transaction in your budget software. This added functionality will assist anyone to follow their personal or business budgets with greater ease. If you develop budget software these ideas may be relevant to developing your product to be more competitive against your business rivals, assuming that you have not thought about this already.