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Ray Brash

Why Fintechs Were COVID Ready

During his 1962 State of the Union Address, John F. Kennedy declared: “The best time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining”. While the original philosophy behind the sentiment wasn’t intended ...

09 Jun 2020
Elliot Banks

How European Market State Developed during COVID-19

The European market moved from a passive state of tighter spreads, lower volumes and longer resting times during January and early February to a much more aggressive state in late February and March t...

01 Jun 2020
Roel Jansen

Keeping banks resilient during and post-COVID-19 with cloud native lending

COVID-19: changing the rules of engagement For many years, banks and financial institutions have been reluctant to adopt cloud technologies. The root of the banking industry’s problem is the reliance ...

01 Jun 2020
Doug Gross

6 customer relationship tips during the crisis

Recently we were Finextra’s guest for a webinar on 'Big Data: Empowering banks to drive customer-centricity'. We shared insights on how we see the banking industry changing due to several causes. An o...

26 May 2020
Koen Vanpraet

Top Five Fintech Predictions for 2020

The last decade has been incredible for fintech, with advancements being made across a range of areas including retail banking, wealth management and, in particular, payments. To give some perspective...

26 May 2020
Gustav Korobov

EU Fintech market overview: EMI and PI licenses obtained between Jan-May 2020, compared to 2019

During the past months, we have witnessed the slowdown of the economy. Many industries are being impacted, including financial services. Covid-19 has destabilized private capital markets, and investme...

22 May 2020
Ujwal Santuka

Leading Financial Institutions are Innovating their First-party data to drive digital conversions

With the advent of digital technology, the financial services sector has evolved beyond imagination in recent times. First-party data has been considered as a growth driver for data-driven marketing. ...

21 May 2020
Leon Gauhman

4 Digital Transformation Lessons that Banks Need to Learn from Covid-19

When COVID-19 is finally brought under control, several key sectors will be remembered for the way they stepped up and took responsibility during the crisis. Healthcare is the most obvious, but superm...

20 May 2020
Claus Christensen

The Agile Future of Digital Finance in Europe

The Digital Finance Outreach 2020 is an initiative launched by the European Union to better understand, foster and stimulate the FinTech ecosystem across the bloc. An essential part of the programme ...

14 May 2020
Justin Pike

Living with Covid-19 means it is time for a more inclusive way to transact

All sorts of things have changed as a result of the pandemic. There is a huge push towards digital environments as we navigate social distancing measures and public health concerns. Ultimately, this i...

14 May 2020
Gustav Korobov

How the post-Covid-19 reality will change banks and fintech

Talks about the “new reality” and “the world will never be the same” flooded the Internet, and the society is pretty fed up with those words and phrases. Nevertheless, changes are already taking place...

13 May 2020
Roel Jansen

The potential for emerging technologies

Fintechs have become highly prominent over the years, with more emerging all the time. In fact the fintech sector is flourishing, the UK industry alone experienced record growth in 2018, with the glob...

12 May 2020