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A place to discuss and share information on the introduction of the UK Faster Payments scheme

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Consumers seek a little clarity on Faster Payments

Only last week, the consumer group Which? branded the UK’s Faster Payments scheme as unfair and confusing (BBC News, 11 June 2010). Apparently, ‘one in four credit card companies still cannot receive...

16 Jun 2010
Retired Member

Helping to understand the challenges of Faster Payments are undertaking a survey into the current state and progression of the scheme following its public launch some months ago. We are interested in understanding an industry view of t...

19 Nov 2008
John Cant

Vocalink seek wider market for UK Faster Payments

My previous blog on Faster Payments posed the question whether some/all UK banks were seeing Faster Payments as an opportunity or sideshow? Still an open question I believe. So it was interesting to ...

20 Mar 2008
John Cant

Faster Payments May Date - opportunity or sideshow?

If you are going to delay a major financial sector initiative then six months is probably the minimum delay that makes sense. Anything shorter does not give institutions time to react, and anything mu...

12 Feb 2008
John Cant

Cheque mate?

The humble cheque seems to have some very keen supporters as Ian Benn's blog demonstrates, so I thought it was worth sharing some material extracted from the most recent MPIE Financial Sector Bulleti...

05 Dec 2007
John Cant

Faster Payments implementation pressures grow

The initial target of the UK Faster Payments scheme seemed a simple concept to deliver - eliminating float (the three days gap between funds leaving the payee's account and arriving in the recipents) ...

24 Jun 2007
John Doyle

SEPA Rules, OK!

Over the weekend I was ruminating as you do, with a glass of wine in my hand. The object of my rumination was, unlikely as it sounds, SEPA. I know, I know, I need to get a life – but bear with me. A...

19 Jun 2007
John Doyle

Recovering Bank Charges - 5

See also Recovering Bank Charges - 1Recovering Bank Charges - 2Recovering Bank Charges - 3Recovering Bank Charges - 4Money Saving ExpertBBC Story Yesterday£100,00 fund to fight charges Good news! I ...

11 Jun 2007
John Cant

Faster Payments on track

It seems appropriate to start blogging about UK Faster Payments (UKFP), the scheme to provide cheaper and easier "near real-time" via internet and phone banking, by a reference to the most ...

22 Feb 2007