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A discussion and guidance on the path to full scale adoption of electronic invoicing by corporates, goverments, SME's and consumers, creating savings up to € 60 billion in 2020. With a focus on: trends, business models, processes, technology, and legal issues.

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Accounts Payable Benefits of Brazil Nota Fiscal

Over the past few months, I have written a lot about the dreaded compliance mandates in Latin America. Unlike the US and Europe, Latin American countries including Brazil and Mexico have forced the ad...

20 Aug 2012
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eInvoicing Latin America - Guatemala Legislation

Guatemala’s Tax Authority, in August of 2011, passed a bill that introduces amendments to the board resolution number 024-2007 which establishes an optional electronic invoice system ‘FACE’ for the au...

17 Jul 2012
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7 Ways to Optimise your Corporate Clients Liquidity

Access to liquidity and working capital management are top of the agenda for corporates in these testing times. Even though interest rates are at an all time low, Corporates are finding it difficult t...

12 Jul 2012
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Mexico eInvoicing - Inbound Validation is Required

One of the top questions that comes up in virtually every Mexico e-Invoicing meeting is: Do I really need to do the inbound validation of invoices? Many companies think that they don't have to do th...

11 Jul 2012
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Argentina AFIP - eInvoicing Basics

Legal requirements for invoicing are constantly changing in Argentina. While they are mandatory for some industries, others are still receiving future timelines from the Argentinean tax authority Admi...

27 Jun 2012
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2012 Mexico CFDI - eInvoicing Basics of the Mexico SAT

As discussed in the past, we highly recommend your organization look at packaged solutions to solve compliance for Mexico CFDI. However, if you are looking to understand the process flow for an outbou...

18 Jun 2012
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Brazil Nota Fiscal 'NFe' - eInvoicing Process August 2012

The SEFAZ (Brazilian Tax Agency) is expanding the NF-e scope using an Event Orchestration Model for processing of inbound invoices. Earlier in 2012, the announcement was made that both transportation...

13 Jun 2012
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Mexico CFDI - eInvoicing 2012 Legislation

On January 1, 2011, Mexico began requiring companies to integrate with the Mexico Tax Authority (SAT) for real-time issuance and approval of electronic invoices. Non-compliance with Mexico’s Servicio ...

05 Jun 2012
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Brazil Nota Fiscal - The Basics

The Brazil tax authority, also known as SEFAZ, imposes a defined electronic standard format that all companies must adhere to closely. This “Nota Fiscal Eletronica” (NF-e) format is officially recogni...

29 May 2012
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Brazil Transportation Invoice Mandates

Brazil continues to add and update their Nota Fiscal legislation. Today, I wanted to discuss the importance of Transportation Invoices, as these will be mandated starting in September 2012. The Tran...

15 May 2012
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Latin America eInvoicing vs. European Union eInvoicing

Top 5 Differences You Need to Understand - Using SAP ERP as a Baseline One of the most common mistakes made in approaching electronic invoicing in Latin America is thinking that the process is similar...

07 Mar 2012
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Mexico SAT - New 2012 Changes for E-Invoicing

When organizations first hear the term electronic invoicing, they often immediately think of accounts payable solutions. However, the real issue at hand for global companies is compliance - which enco...

07 Mar 2012