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Technology in Banking

Technology applications enhance efficiency and make it possible to adopt the principles mentioned above. Technology is rapidly advancing the ability for financial institutions to leverage a central d

08 Aug 2010
Gert Raeves

Get with the Toxic Asset De-Tox Programme

Hello, my name is the international investment community and I have been brought low by my addiction to toxic assets. It took away my bonus, my job, my lifestyle and my reputation. As I am trying to m...

13 Jul 2010
Retired Member

Importance of a Central Data Repository

During the normal course of business, financial institutions glean valuable data about their customers and the markets in which they operate. This data includes customer demographics, historical and c...

12 Jul 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

Put a Swift end to paranoia!

There was a bit of a Twitter storm over this utterly, mind-numbingly ridiculous item from BBC4's the World the Weekend on the, now four year old 'storm in a teacup' that is the US/Swift data privacy ...

05 Jul 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

Capitalism, Socialism and the importance of data

I attended a conference last week, in Berlin. (where else would I be?) It was a multi-industry event sponsored by SAS, the Premier Business Leadership Series (basically it was their client conference)...

30 Jun 2010
Retired Member

Data Integrity in the Lending Process

One of the primary inefficiencies that most hinders the lending process is a lack of Straight-Through Processing. Let’s begin with loan origination by way of example. When considering a credit, inform...

10 Jun 2010
Retired Member

A Crisis Needs a Utility?

I heard Francis Gross of the ECB speak at one of the panel events at the XTrakter Conference last week, and found that I couldn't avoid asking him whether the aims of the "Data Utility" ini...

04 Jun 2010
Retired Member

Just Because We Can Do a Thing

As everyone who has ever watched or read a science fiction thriller knows; there is always an evil scientist somewhere in the background to blame. Frankenstein's monster destroys--blame Frankenstein....

26 May 2010
Gert Raeves

If you are reading this, it means...

No B-movie or schlocky sitcom is complete without the "letter from the grave" plot device- in which the recently departed get to tell those who are left behind where the money (or the skelet...

17 May 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

What can FIX do for you?

I spent most of yesterday at the FIX Protocol EMEA event. For my string of live Tweets, follow the #finxlive hashtag, or @LizLum. From now on we will try to incorporate #finxlive into our live Tweets ...

24 Mar 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

What is your digital persona?

At the Digital Money Forum last week, Kosta Peric of Swift mentioned a project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where they seek to critique data mining techniques to see how the web 'see...

15 Mar 2010
Elizabeth Lumley

Collaboration is key - but does your data manager know?

Last Friday's afternoon chat with Enrico Camerinelli, senior analyst at Celent - Processes, People and Technology in Global Transaction Banking - talked about strategies for the development of global ...

08 Mar 2010