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5 Best OpenSea Clone Script (Comparing Companies)

Hello, I am Todd from London, and some time ago, I accepted the implementation of an NFT marketplace project. Although it was very challenging, I knew I could handle it, and it could be a perfect CV. In short, we started the work, and the challenges also started.
In this process, to give the price to the employer and some other things, I had to send messages to some NFT Marketplace Development Company and ask them for their product price, a demo, and a proposal. I see them and the developed features so I can deliver the project as the employer wants.
After doing these things and delivering the project, I thought my experiences might be helpful for those who want to start their own NFT Marketplace.
An important point is that you don't need to create a team for yourself to start a project like OpenSea. Many companies providing these services can meet your expectations.
In the following, we will review 5 companies that, in my opinion, offer the best opensea clones. Companies whose ratio of product quality to price was higher than others. At the end of the article, I put an infographic that can help you make a decision.



radindev company
1. RadinDev
First of all, let me say that I think radindev is the best company in the NFT field among the companies I reviewed. During a meeting I had with them, I asked them to provide me with a part of their source code, and obviously, they did not do this, but in an online meeting, we checked a part of the code together, and I realized how their coding is clean and open the way of customization. RadinDev develops its front-end platform with Nuxtjs, making it SEO-friendly and high-speed. Also, they have developed the NodeJS backend and have dealt with the Blockchain sector with Solidity.
The exciting thing about RadinDev's opensea clone script is that it offered the most similar clone script to opensea compared to others. Both include the number of wallets, blockchain networks, and features.
Metamask, coinbase wallet, trust wallet, wallet connect, Venly, Bitski and Phantom wallets are wallets supported by the software.

 RadinDev has also designed an application with React Native for this marketplace, which is nothing less than the original OpenSea.
In short, if you fell in love with opensea and want to have one like it, the best answer to your need is the exclusive RadinDev platform.
Blockchain development company Radin has set a price of $9000-$14000 for this product, which will increase with the increase of features. Radindev uses Erc-721, Erc-1155, and Erc-998 standards for its NFT network infrastructure.

page URL:

skype: skype:live:.cid.d3b92d682355ed8e?chat



appkodes company

2. appkodes
Appkodes is another prominent company in cryptocurrencies that started working in 2015.
The professional technical team of this company has made them one of the best in this field.
I can't comment on the clone script made by the appkodes team because we didn't manage to check the code in the live session. The clone script designed by the appkodes team is created with next.js, which, like the Radindev team, makes it SEO-friendly and is one of its positive points. Currently, only the Metamask wallet can be used in this software.
The design team of this company has decided to use node.js for server-side programming, which seems to be the right decision.
Good UI design for the appkodes team is one of the positive points of this team. And the price of $15,000 to $25,000 that they charge for it is a bit higher than the competitors.
Also, the appkodes team has not yet developed an application for their NFT marketplace.

page URL:

skype: live:appkodesales




maticz company

3. Maticz
Maticz company is one of the oldest blockchain development companies. This company has created a good variety for its NFT marketplace and is superior to others in the number of demos.
The years this company has been working in web design and development has made it one of the best.
In terms of code cleanliness, they have not been very successful, and there is still room for improvement. Like appkodes, Matix has not designed an application for opensea clone script, which is considered one of their weaknesses.
Only the Metamask wallet can connect to Maticz's NFT platform. Maticz has used Reactjs to develop opensea. React is one of the best JS libraries, the most popular, and supported by Facebook. The weakness of Maticz company's software is that the SEO process is complex for them due to the use of Reactjs and the lack of SSR frameworks. SEO is one of the most effective marketing methods to increase site visits, with a higher conversion rate than other methods.
The maticz OpenSea clone script cost simulation platform is around $10000-$20000.

page URL:





clarisco company

4. Clarisco
Clarisco, like Maticz, is one of the companies with a history in blockchain and digital currency development. And in terms of visual design, it occupies a good place in this list. Clarisco, like Radindev, has been able to adhere to the coding standards in the opensea clone script design process and has so-called clean codes.
They have designed their platform with Reactjs and Laravel.
According to their claim, they support Metamask, Coinbase wallet, Trustwallet, and Wallet connect for their opensea clone scripts and provide them to customers as features depending on their needs.
Clarisco has set a price range of $17,000 to $22,000 for its NFT marketplace. They have used two standards, Erc-721 and Erc-1155, for their token infrastructure.
I think Clarisco company gives the best answers to their customers about opensea clone software after RadinDev company. And the weakness that can be brought to them is the use of the client-side rendering framework for the front-end, which makes the process of understanding search engines from the site difficult and SEO longer.
Clarisco company has also designed a particular application for Opensea and provided it to its buyers.

page URL:

skype: skype:live:62781b9208711b89?chat




hivelance company

5. Hivelance
Hivelance company is the youngest company on this list that started its work in 2020. Hivelance has shown its quality to competitors in the field of NFT from the beginning.
Currently, they only use Metamask for their opensea clone software.
In the meeting I had with the Hivelance sales team, they did not give me the exact price for their product; they specified a range of $10,000 to $35,000 for it, and the price of $10,000 included only the basic features, which cost more than the others.
During the online meeting, they refused to explain and show their codes and did not share detailed information about what framework they developed their opensea clone with.
The Hivelance team has not yet designed an opensea clone app, which they say will develop soon.
They only use the ERC-1155 standard to develop their token infrastructure, which is a weakness compared to other competitors.

page URL:

skype: skype:live:.cid.8e890e9d0810f62c?chat

In this article, I tried to give my opinions about these 5 companies without orientation and only relying on my observations and experiences. If you want to make software similar to OpenSea for buying, selling, and creating NFTs, chat with them again, see their demos yourself, and make a final decision.
I hope this article has been helpful.
Best wishes.



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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson - Hivelance Technologies - Madurai 24 January, 2023, 13:435 likes 5 likes

Going through the article, we find irrevelant data provided. Name of the author mentioned in the begining of the article and the profile name is entirely different. We request you to analyze the market involvement of all companies detailedly and then post reviews. Without proper understanding, framing the activities of a company in a negative way is strictly not appreciated. We also find spelling mistakes, grammatical errors in the blog and we solely want you to involve in such postings carefully. Increasing the Popularity of your own brand and suppressing other's brands name is not a trustworthy behaviour. 

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson - Hivelance Technologies - Madurai 24 January, 2023, 13:52Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Team Finextra, We believe that you are the popular medium for various technological learnings for many. Before keeping a blog posted , we request you to analyze it fully and move ahead. This may affect the performance of other brand and the Company. Kindly scrunitize such posts carefully.

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