The Joy of Fraud Fighting
Uri Rivner

Uri Rivner

Chief Cyber Officer at BioCatch
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Bio Internet. The perfect fraud frontier. These are the thoughts of Uri Rivner, Chief Cyber Officer at BioCatch and formerly Head of new technologies, identity protection, at RSA. His continuing mission: To explore strange new cybercrime methods... To seek out new ways Career History Hi. My name is Uri, and I am addicted to fighting Cybercrime. It's been 18 years since I was doing something else. Cannot remember what it was.


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Social distancing changes our digital behaviors

26 Mar 2020

As the Coronavirus outbreak spreads globally, users are beginning to change their digital behaviors. One emerging trend, not surprisingly, is an increase in the use of Remote Access. Criminals consider RATs - Remote Access Tools - as the perfect cloaking device: it allows them to operate from within the user’s trusted device, gain access from the u...

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Top 10 Cybercrime and Online Fraud predictions for 2020

18 Dec 2019

As a decade of online fraud fighting is drawing to a close, it’s time to think about the next decade! Fraudsters were very busy this decade, coming up with an ever expanding bag of tricks, and we should expect them to give all of us good reasons to continue the fight. So – here are my top ten cybercrime and online fraud predictions for 2020: Deep...

Information Security

State Sponsored Attacks: Is the US taking the gloves off?

15 Dec 2018

It looks serious this time: the Trump administration says it’s ready to hit China with direct sanctions for what the US says is a sustained digital industrial espionage campaign. It’s quite unprecedented – at least as far as US policy is concerned – and is intended to apply real-world pressure on China so it stops what the Western world agrees

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The Perfect Crime

28 Nov 2018

The 1920s were big on criminal mystery novels; this was the decade of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. Who, like many other famous detectives of his time, had to unlock devious puzzles involving the most twisted criminal schemes. “And the butler did it, at least for the first hundred mystery novels or so. Everyone’s a suspect, and it’s always

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