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Mobile payments: why we’re on the verge of a revolution

31 Aug 2016

Over the past few years, the movement towards mobile payments has been one of disruptive trends in the banking sector. New payments services are already accelerating the move away from cash. According to Deloitte’s 2015 Payments research, in the UK, the use of cash is decreasing while other payment forms are gaining popularity. Mobile payments can...



The State of IT Transformation in the Financial Services

27 Apr 2016

Financial Services has always been seen as a complex player when it comes to IT transformation. In some respects, the industry can be viewed as a forerunner with new products and services and online access for consumers delivered at pace. In other respects, the industry could also be accused of being stuck in the past, with legacy infrastructure h...


Using the cloud to win the battle against disruptive young financial services bucks

01 Dec 2015

For the regular fans of Countryfile that caught the autumn episode on the mating habits of deers, you’ll know that it is peak season. While the links between deer and the financial sector may not initially seem obvious, there are many parallels between this season and the ongoing battle between the established alphas of banking and insurance, and ...


Implementing change at the application layer: Kill Teams vs. Disruptive Change Agents

14 Sep 2015

At the start of the year, Deloitte’s Banking Outlook report predicted that in 2015, banks may finally be at the point of boosting profitability, and stepping out of the turbulence of the past six years. With new flight plans set and underway, the banking sector has continued to focus on working faster and smarter to deliver much needed efficienci...