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Sylvia Carrasco

Founder and CEO at Goldex
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Bio Founder and CEO of Goldex Technologies Limited. We are the only multi-dealer marketplace for gold to offer an easy integration for fintechs, embedded finance and other financial companies. Career History Sylvia has over 18 years of experience in investment banking and brokerage. Sylvia was part of the original team at Credit Suisse that developed the first electronic trading and algorithmic systems in the equity markets. In 2009 she successfully founded the first FCA regulated firm in the UK to advise the largest institutional investment houses in both electronic trading services and Best Execution policies across multi asset classes. In her spare time Sylvia is likely to be seen either fishing or playing with her two dogs.



Top 3 misconceptions about gold

17 Nov 2021

One of the greatest barriers to people investing in the world’s longest-running medium exchange is, frankly, a lack of knowledge. The World Gold Council’s survey found that 66% of potential gold buyers don’t know enough about the precious metal to invest in it. Isn’t that curious? Gold has been the go-to store of wealth for many through-out histor...


Women in tech: we can’t settle for 17%

10 Nov 2021

I’m Sylvia, the founder of Goldex, which is the world’s only multi-dealer marketplace for physical gold that offers an integration for other financial companies. As I launch Goldex’s blog on Finextra, I was going to share my thoughts on some of the current topics I’ve been discussing with colleagues in the past weeks. But, reflecting on the fact t...