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Bio Change catalyst & solutioneer with almost 35 years of experience in financial services, most of that shaping and delivering complex and transformational change. I am passionate about finding smarter ways to deliver change in an ever more complex and demanding world. My recent focus has been on regul Career History Educated as a physicist and trained as an operations manager with the then largest bank in the world, I quickly found myself leading business change. I have always worked for the business or a dedicated change function; never have I worked for IT per se. With experience from large international b



Practice Makes Perfect?

23 Feb 2015

When a consulting firm says it has a "practice", what does that really mean? If you are asked to join a practice what can and indeed should you expect? Many progressive consultancies, offer the fact that they have "practices", based on areas of expertise as part of their proposition to clients and to potential employees and asso...



Why Financial Services Executives Should be Be Afraid, Very Afraid

20 Feb 2015

We are almost at the end of February and in the world of change in the City of London (and maybe elsewhere?) it feels as if 2015 is off to a very slow start. This is in direct contrast to the previous few years when by late January things were moving with urgency, especially on the regulatory agenda. I am very familiar with the City’s annual cycle...


Are you tackling the real issues of Big Data?

16 Feb 2015

The Half-Life of Data and Compounding. While there is much talk (hype?) about “Big Data” there are a couple of aspects that the advocates (mainly vendors offering technology and services) seem to neglect or at least underplay.. These relate to the quality of the raw data and its eventual usefulness. So often one hears complaints about the poor qua...



Is Agile the answer to the question?

12 Feb 2015

To be Agile or agile – it is all in the capitalisation! “Are you familiar with “agile methodologies” is a question I am increasingly asked as a change professional and my answer is “Yes”. The problem is that the question is badly phrased and as a result the answer is not always very helpful. “Agile” seems to be the current silver bullet (ie solve e...