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Bio Business executive, marketing leader and strategist. Career History CMO with over 20 years strategy and delivery experience for some of the most innovative technology brands in the fastest changing industries.



How Binge-Worthy is your Data?

12 Apr 2019

One of the main tenets of digitalisation initiatives in financial services is to become more familiar with client preferences. Using client behavior data and feedback to be more predictive about their future needs allows banks and large investment managers to develop new products, and cross-market to existing ones, with minimal human analysis and ...


Digitalisation Pursuits Start with Sound Data Governance Strategy

22 Feb 2019

Digitalisation initiatives truly run across financial services in a way few other technology trends do. Spanning both investment banks and asset managers, they often serve as a kind of umbrella that allows a firm to fold in multiple institutional priorities—increased processes automation, heightened regulatory compliance, and emerging technologies...


Deploying Predictive Analytics? Check Your Data Integrity First

13 Feb 2019

The explosion of predictive analytics in financial services is undeniable. Layering on advancements in big data, billions of dollars are now dedicated to analytics spend annually. Dozens of startups dive in every year to develop the tools to tackle increasingly complex datasets at mind-blowing volumes, often deploying some variation or combination...


Innovation About to Overtake Regulation - Fuelled by Regulation

21 Jan 2019

For several years, the narrative in financial technology has essentially argued, “The post-crisis period and its focus on heavy regulation is over. Enter Innovation.” That narrative was born of—and reinforced by—the fintech market heating up with venture capital, the idea that emerging tech could be borrowed from consumer banking and be simply rep...