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Sameer Dubey

Chief Product Officer at Griffin Bank
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Bio Sameer ensures that Griffin Bank's Banking as a Service product stack meets the needs of fintechs, institutions and businesses, providing the tools they need to implement embedded finance. Career History Sameer has over 20 years of experience in product, payments, marketing, cryptocurrency, and banking. Sameer is Chief Product Officer at Griffin Bank, with recent experience as Chief Operating Officer at Bitstamp, UK operations lead for N26, and over a decade at Barclays leading its payments business.



A look at the current state of BaaS: Opportunities for innovative banking infrastructure

01 Dec 2023

Banking as a Service (BaaS) has changed the way banking products are built and offered. Consumers want to be able to access financial products when and where they need them, and BaaS platforms enable companies to embed these products in their own apps and ecosystems without the complexity and cost of obtaining a banking licence. Baas providers a...