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Ralf Ohlhausen

Ralf Ohlhausen

Executive Advisor at Pay Practice
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Bio Payments expert in Open Banking, PSD2, Public Policy, E-Commerce and Central Banking matters. Executive advisor to PPRO, Tink, and other fintechs. ECB/ERPB and ECB/MIB board member, Vice-chairman of the European TPP Association (ETPPA) and Co-chair of the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 API advisory board. Career History MSc in Math and MBA in Telecoms, 30 years experience in e-commerce, financial services, mobile telecommunications and IT. Previously BD Director PPRO Group, President Europe SafetyPay, Group Products Director Digicel, Group Products Strategy O2, IT Director BT Europe and Project Director Mannesmann.



Obstacles per se

17 Aug 2019

The closer we come to 14th September 2019, the implementation deadline for the RTS on SCA & CSC, which details much of the PSD2 legislation, the less room we have for unclarity about its stipulations. One of these open points and maybe the most important one is the definition of an “obstacle” in the sense of RTS Art 32(3). The RTS stipulates a...


The EBA is wrong about screen scraping - and it’s going to hurt European fintech!

23 Mar 2017

On 23 February, the European Banking Authority (EBA) announced its intention to outlaw ”screen scraping” in one of their Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) complementing the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), set to come into force in January 2018. Screen scraping sounds sinister. In fact, it simply refers to the practice of automating a...



Brexit: a body blow for UK fintech?

22 Jun 2016

With less than one day to the UK referendum on whether to remain in the European Union, debate on the potential impact of Brexit is intensifying. While some of the recent campaigning directed at voters appears designed to provoke a knee-jerk reaction, businesses and industry bodies are taking a more considered, analytical view. Analysis released b...


Open banking API vs PSD2: the UK is taking the lead again!

04 Mar 2016

The conclusions of the UK’s Open Banking Working Group’s recently released report confirm that once again the UK is a step ahead of its European neighbours. The report’s call for an open banking standard and an open banking API demonstrates that while the rest of Europe has been battling out compromises in the PSD2 revision that will give Third P...


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