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Bio Payments Review Consultant; I help clients review the costs, processes and procedures for running their payments operations in order to make them efficient, resilient, cost-effective, compliant and future-proofed. Career History Over 40 years in payments has given me a deep understanding of the regulatory area and how I can use this knowledge to help payments stake holders meet the challenges and opportunities of a changing landscape.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Treasury Select Committee and IT Failures

28 Oct 2019

The Treasury Select Committee have made some observations as a result of their concerns about bank IT failures. It’s an interesting view and one that reflects the way that the industry is already moving. Their report can be accessed here:

Financial Services Regulation

Who owns the data?

20 Oct 2017

There's been a vigorous debate recently about data in financial services and who it belongs to. At the Vendorcom conference last month it featured high on the list of concerns especially as more and more technologists are developing apps and services that specifically look at using data. I've long been bemused by the fact that the credit companies ...

Trends in Financial Services

What next for Brexit?

27 Jun 2016

Despite all the rhetoric the referendum was a recommendation not a legal fact. The PM, cabinet and Parliament can ignore the result and vote to remain in the EU if they so wish. The likelihood that there will be a second referendum is non-existent because the referendum process is a consultative one not as I said before, a legal one, why would you ...

Trends in Financial Services

Want to know a secret about the referendum?

31 May 2016

Before I answer, let me ask you if you’ve noticed like me that the European Commission has gone very quiet about the referendum. Cameron has stepped up the rhetoric but is not putting anything new on the table just countering Brexit arguments and Osborne – has he gone on holiday? Brexit have toned back their more salacious arguments and the prom...

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