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Consultant at ISD Consultants
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Bio A valuable resource in the development of strategies and the design and development of innovative transaction based solutions for both the retail and banking industry. Career History 15 years in telecommunication specialising in Data Communications. 21 years with the UKs oldest credit card issuer working in acquiring and transaction processing. From 1994 specialisisng in the delivery of EMV to the UK market place including working within the UK Chip and PIN programme. January



Happy Birthday PDQ

25 Mar 2011

It’s hard to believe that the I installed first online transaction capture point of sale terminal on March 25th 1986 and today there are millions of them worldwide (see the original press release here ( The original name for the Barclaycard terminals was Darts but just as the product was launched the Ford



Mobile Phones as Tokens

31 Oct 2007

I find it really annoying that using a mobile phone as a token to make a purchase using NFC at point of sale is called "Mobile Payment". By the same yardstick using a contactless card is a mobile payment as it uses similar technology. I don't disagree that a mobile phone will be the "token of choice" for many, myself included, ...