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CEO at Profusion
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Bio Natalie Cramp is CEO at data science company Profusion. At Profusion, she leads a team with significant experience in improving the financial sector's use of data. This ranges from helping leading global bank which had noticed a decrease in student account applications to preventing customer churn. She has launched several major initiatives at Profusion, including a data academy and a pioneering data ethics advisory board. The academy aims to get under-represented groups into data science. The data ethics advisory board is the first of its kind to combine HR, legal, academic, consultancy and data science experts. Career History Natalie began her career at Deloitte, after graduating from the University of York. She then landed a dream job, helping to deliver the London 2012 Olympics. After working as chief operating officer of The Careers & Enterprise Company, she joined Profusion as CEO.


Open Banking

The data ethics of Open Banking

13 Aug 2021

Over the past three years the Open Banking movement has quietly gathered pace in the UK. Without realising it, many people are now benefiting from new products and processes that have been enabled by Open Banking’s free flow of financial data. Each month brings new use cases that range from incremental user experience improvements - such as easing...