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The Composable Bank

10 Aug 2016

In tech history, it’s rarely a single hyped-up innovation that changes the game. Take the iPhone and its revolution of the smartphone market; the colour touch screen, power efficient processor, integrated phone, WiFi, Li-ion battery technology, internet browser and app store were all features singularly available in devices that predated the iPhon...


Blockchain - Not The Only Game In Town

15 Feb 2016

Let’s get this out of the way. Blockchain is great. I’m in no doubt, that every part of our financial services industry, one day, will be simpler and more efficient because of Blockchain. It’s also encouraging to see banks and institutions putting plenty of wood behind the Blockchain arrow. Finally, we are waking up to the idea that Rationalisation...


Financial Markets 2.0 - Time To Get Match Fit

21 Oct 2014

I'll be brief in setting the scene, because we've heard it all before; the last 5 years were all about taking cost, risk and leverage out of the Financial Markets business - the crash diet for the binge that was had in the 10 years before. The interesting question is, what does the next 5 years hold? In many ways, the next cycle is more challenging...


Silicon Valley vs. Banking - No More Fog of War

03 Oct 2014

We all know there's been a battle brewing for a while. Silicon Valley, with its innate ability to innovate around technology and build models for deepening customer relationships, has been squaring off against traditional Main Street banking, threatening a fight for a few years. The big banks aren't a pushover, they have balance sheet (but perhaps...