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Director, Product Management (Mobile) at ACI Worldwide
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Mobile is Transforming the Travel Sector: So What’s a Merchant To Do?

21 Apr 2017

April in South Africa means warm days and seemingly endless sunshine, albeit that the nights are cooler as we start sliding toward winter. Temperatures are down from the 30+ Celsius levels of high summer (that’s mid-eighties for my American friends) to a more modest 20-25, but nevertheless nearly every day is deserving of a braai (that’s barbe...


Is Samsung’s purchase of LoopPay a good response to Apple Pay?

20 Feb 2015

We’ve just heard that Samsung is to buy LoopPay. What’s significant about LoopPay? Well, they have an interesting technology that adds a small piece of hardware to your mobile phone (various forms are available, e.g. a charge case for the iPhone 5 or a Fob for the iPhone 4 or Android phone). The LoopPay App on the phone allows you to add cards to ...


Apple Pay: Considerations for banks and retailers

19 Sep 2014

With the launch of Apple Pay, a question on everyone’s mind is what the impact will be for retailers and banks. For most retailers, especially those in the US, the question is whether they want to start accepting Apple payments and if they do, how this will affect their overall omni-channel strategy. For banks, the question is more around whether ...


Why we should take our hats off to Apple

17 Sep 2014

With last week’s news of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch debuting with mobile wallet capabilities, there is no doubt that Apple has given the (mobile) payments industry a shot in the arm. But in what direction, and what are the implications? At long last we have near field communication (NFC) built into the hardware - an addition long speculated, and ...

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