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President, Financial Services at Infosys
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Bio Mohit Joshi heads up the Financial Services practice at Infosys. With over 18 years of professional experience working across the US, India, Mexico, and Europe, his area of expertise lies in the intersection of financial services and technology. Career History Mohit was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2016. Joining Infosys in 2000, he was appointed as CEO of Infosys Mexico in 2007 and was instrumental in setting up the first subsidiary in Latin America.


Digital Banking Trends

How the Financial Sector is Preparing for its AI-led Future

20 Sep 2017

As traditional banks grapple with the challenges posed by FinTechs, legacy constraints and traditional operational models, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as the savior. Businesses in the business of wealth are sparing no efforts to start to tap the potential of AI by experimenting and prototyping: intelligent digital assistants to amplif...


AI in Banking - Robo Advisors and beyond

16 Dec 2016

Technology has changed the very psychology of money and the way we perceive it and artificial intelligence promises to further the ease of doing business for economies across the globe. The great recession left people unsure and with a lower level of trust in banks. The need for secure systems and solid investment plans however, continues to be as...



Brexit: the way ahead for the financial services industry

01 Jul 2016

To the regret of the financial sector and many businesses, the UK has indeed voted to withdraw from the European Union. While the actual decision has been met with disenchantment by the wider business community, the bigger concern is the lack of information and clarity over what happens next and how we get there. This is the ultimate challenge faci...


The rise of financial utilities

08 Jun 2016

In a highly competitive business like banking, cost and performance efficiency is a major determinant of success. As a result, banks are always looking out for opportunities to derive a little more value from their already optimized operations, a search, which has only intensified in these tough economic conditions. One opportunity that has their ...